Making a Difference on Delmarva

What is Sustainability:

How we contribute to sustainability, on Delmarva, is part of our mission statement.  Through the conversion of organic waste streams, that would otherwise be a problem, we are creating beneficial products that help to improve soil health.  Two of the largest economic drivers on Delmarva are the Poultry Industry and Conventional Agriculture.  We strive daily to close the circle between these two industries.  Our effort to combine waste streams from the poultry industry with yard waste that can no longer be disposed of in our regional landfills, results in a product that improves agriculture and in turn helps to make both industries more productive and efficient.  By improving soil health, crops are better able to absorb nutrients that have been applied (commercial fertilizer) to enable higher crop yields, many of which feed the poultry industry.  When crops are better able to utilize nutrients, those nutrients are less likely to be lost through leaching, runoff and erosion, thereby helping to protect and improve water quality.  Agriculture has been a dominant industry on Delmarva for centuries.  With the green revolution after World War II and the introduction of commercial fertilizer, soil health and quality has gradually been on the decline.  Much of the soil on Delmarva is sandy loam, the introduction of BLESSINGS BLENDS Premium Compost helps to begin the restoration of degraded soils stemming from decades of intensive agricultural practices.  Many of the soils on Delmarva contain less than 1% organic matter.  With very little organic matter and a sandy loam soil structure, commercial fertilizer has become less efficient.  With the introduction of our compost, nutrients from commercial fertilizer become more efficient due to the increase in organic content in the soil structure and the increased cation exchange capacity.  The best management practice of including compost in nutrient management planning, over time, helps to increase yield and reduce nutrient loss, thereby helping to protect water quality.

Learn more about the benefits of Compost Use:

BLESSINGS BLENDS starts with tons of leaves, brush, land clearing waste, chicken manure, horse manure and hatchery waste. Blessing Compost Facility specially formulates the blend of components to create a premium compost product. The lower C:N ratio (10:1) in BLESSINGS BLENDS Premium Compost is the result of higher proteinaceous inputs and evident in our premium compost that contains a better supply of micronutrients than other more conventional compost products. (C:N ratio = 30:1)

Blessing Compost Facility has developed a proprietary system of “in-vessel” storage and curing for their compost production – ensuring environmental protection.

Blessings Blends Premium Compost is available for bulk delivery to improve farms, golf courses, nurseries, home gardens and landscaping operations.

Contact us today for more information: 302-684-8990

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