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The Quick Overview

Our premium compost is blended from ingredients acceptable for use in certified organic crop production.  All of our products are blended with varying quantities of our premium compost which includes horse and poultry manure, leaves, hay, mature compost, egg shells, recycled trees and lumber.  We do not use sewer sludge. All of our products are available in bulk or in bags.  We make custom blends for customers with specific needs.  Call us to discuss your project, special needs and options available to meet your requirements.  We invite you to visit our facility and will load your truck with the product of your choice.  If you need delivery, we have a fleet of vehicles to accommodate any size order.  Contact us for more information.

OMRI Listed Premium Compost

Our OMRI listed compost is the basis for all of our product blends.  We take pride in creating a special recipe that results in an exceptional quality compost that performs well in all aspects of plant production.  Our compost is fully acceptable for use on certified organic farms.  Raw materials are blended in batches, monitored for temperature and air supply and turned as needed until mature.  All batches are laboratory tested to ensure maturity and exceptional quality.  Many growers, who recognize the value of building soil health, use our bulk agricultural grade compost to improve their soils.  Our compost is not intended for use as a complete growing media and should only be used as an amendment to existing soil.  Soil profile and history are used to determine the amount of compost recommended to amend the soil to a desired level.


•  A soil conditioner to increase the biodiversity and health of soil •  As a fertilizer to enhance the life of any landscape or garden project •  Use as bed preparation for new landscape installations for perennials, woody ornamentals, fruit and shade trees •  Top dress existing or new lawns to improve germination and turf vigor •  Use to help control runoff and erosion, especially in sandy soils

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OMRI Listed Certificate

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OMRI listed Potting Mix

Our potting mix is a ready to use product for all of your indoor and outdoor planting needs.  It is a specially formulated organic combination of ingredients which can be used for hanging or potted plants, starting seeds in flats or planting bulbs.  The mixture is balanced to provide the ideal environment to allow roots to breath and thrive for healthier plants.  Ingredients include: Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, increases moisture retention; Composted Forest Products, provides increased organic content; Composted Cow Fiber, used for it’s non-compacting quality; Perlite, used for aeration quality; and BLESSINGS BLENDS Premium Compost, adds humus and microbial populations.  We sell our potting mix in 1 cubic foot bags.  Bulk orders are available, please call to discuss your growing medium needs.  We can help you with large volume orders that require specific blending ratios.

OMRI Listed Certificate

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OMRI Listed Organic Plant Food (5-1-4)

For those who grow certified organic produce, we are proud to offer our OMRI listed Organic Plant Food (5-1-4).  This is a unique blend of our OMRI listed Premium Compost with pelletized bone and feather meal to create a product that helps your vegetables reach their full potential organically.  We offer this product in our 7 lb. bags for easy use by garden enthusiasts and professional growers alike.  Larger volumes of the product are available upon request.  Please contact us for your organic plant food needs.

OMRI Listed Certificate

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Premium Topsoil Blends

We start with existing topsoil and then blend our mature OMRI listed compost to create an ideal product for raised bed gardens, landscape beds, new lawns and project areas where there is a need for improved soil.  Our topsoil is sold in bulk and can be loaded into your truck or we can schedule a delivery.  Regardless of the amount your project requires, we can accommodate your needs.  Our raised bed garden blend is 70% standard topsoil and 30% BLESSINGS BLENDS OMRI listed Premium Compost.  If you are looking for a product to enhance your landscape and garden, you can be confident that our topsoil blend will do just that.  Contact us to discuss your project needs and schedule for loading or delivery to your location.


Please use the material calculator below to determine your compost and topsoil needs.  We sell compost and topsoil by the ton which is equal to about 1.2 cubic yards.  The bulk density of compost is normally around 46 lbs./cubic ft.  If you need help in determining how much product you need, simply give us a call for more information.