BLESSINGS BLENDS strives to create a compost recipe that grows tastier vegetables, enriches the soil and is gentler on the environment, right here in Milford, De.

Whoever said, “You can’t turn chicken manure into chicken salad”, never met Bruce Blessing. Blessing, owner of Blessing Greenhouses and Compost Facility and the BLESSINGS BLENDS brand in Milford, Delaware, has done just that. BLESSINGS BLENDS has turned poultry industry waste into Premium Compost products.  Their OMRI listed products help to improve soil quality, reduce water usage and grow delicious higher yielding crops.  In the process, we are creating ‘green‘ jobs in Sussex County.

“We saw that the poultry industry was under extreme pressure with what to do with their poultry waste”, says Blessing. “We are providing an environmentally-friendly solution that helps to improve soil health and protect water quality…”

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