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Around 2 weeks after your frost date, you can put your okra seedlings out into the garden. Choose a warm spot that gets full sun throughout the day. Loosen the soil up and add some Blessings Blends OMRI-Listed Premium Compost (.5 – .5 – .4).

Space your plants to leave 2 feet of space on all sides, as the plants will be quite large when fully grown. If they are too crowded, they will have a much reduced harvest later on.

Because the leaves can have stinging spines on them (see more in the harvest section below), don’t plant your okra plants near garden pathways where you will frequently be walking too close. Also, the plants will grow between 4 and 6 feet high, so plan out your space to keep the okra from shading the other plants.

As mentioned, okra is a very easy plant to grow that doesn’t require a lot of work in the garden. Water it at least once a week but a few dry spells aren’t going to hurt established plants. Apply Blessings Blends OMRI-Listed Premium Compost (.5 – .5 – .4) for best results.