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Mint has crawling roots that can overtake your garden and kill other plants. To keep this under control, begin by digging a hole large enough for the bottomless bucket (simply a bucket with the bottom cut out). Place the bottomless bucket in the hole and fill in dirt all around. It should be close enough to the surface that the roots will grow down inside, but deep enough that it cannot be seen.

Another option for rows is to dig down approximately 1 foot and line the row with black plastic. Fill in with the removed dirt and plant the seeds according to instruc- tions on the packet.

Place the plants into the prepared area when planting. As the plant grows the bucket/plastic will help to contain the roots as much as possible.

Place seedlings about 1 foot apart or thin seedlings once the seeds have sprouted. Water occasionally until the plant is thriving, after which you will only water during extended droughts.

Growing mint in containers is equally as easy, and potting compost is sufficient. Apply Blessings Blends OMRI-Listed Premium Compost (.5 – .5 – .4) for best results. Water only when dry and feed once a month during the growing season. Containers also allow the plants to be brought indoors for the frost and cold to enjoy mint all year long!